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NEW Blossom Classic Cable Knit Merino Wool Jumper


This Classic Cable Knit Merino Wool Jumper for Infants and Children takes the stress out of dressing your kids, nurturing and gentle yet up for the rough and tumble. Made from 100% Woolmark certified Australian extra fine merino wool that you can throw on and instantly, it's an 'I put a lot of thought into this outfit' without putting a lot of thought into it kind of day.

This Blossom coloured wool jumper can take you from a wedding to a playdate and even up the paddock. Just throw it in the wash and it'll be as good as new! That easy.

This jumper sizing is generous, allowing your little one lots of room to grow. Please note this knit carries the Ram logo. 

Machine Washable Merino Wool. You read it correctly. Click here to find out how to care for your woollies.

SIZE GUIDE (in cm)

Made from 100% Australian Grown, Woolmark Certified Extra Fine Merino Wool

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