Mental health support for an outback family

Mental health support for an outback family

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42% of very remote children considered developmentally vulnerable in one or more domains. When left unaddressed, these vulnerabilities often lead to lifelong issues of low confidence, limited education and career opportunities and serious mental health challenges.

We’re working to change this story by providing quality and consistent learning and literacy support for young kids in outback communities. Our expert team connects with children and their families on a regular basis, providing additional support to help them reach learning and literacy milestones.

About Outback Futures

Outback Futures was born in the bush, based on lots of real and honest conversations with outback women and men - business owners, community leaders, mayors, teachers, workers, parents, grandparents - ordinary everyday people who wanted things to be different and better for their community.

We're about breaking down barriers around mental health and wellbeing.

We're about helping our outback communities feel empowered to ask for and expect better access to services.

We're about whole communities working together to care for themselves and others.

We're about renewing hope, building resilience and strengthening communities.

This is our heart. On the ground, what this looks like is a little different for each region, because we work together with a community to decide what works best for them. Most people will see our teams in their community for Resilience Clinics where we connect with people face-to-face. In between our community clinics, we stay in touch with our 'Stay With Me' phone/video connect service which people can access from the safety of home, school...or wherever it suits.

We help our outback kids grow in confidence and capacity at school and in life; and we provide regular, consistent mental health support and care for kids, adults, families and communities. We're currently working in central west and north west Queensland, but are always open to invitations to begin conversations with, and expand into, new remote regions.