Miss April Towels

Mummy & Me Bath Set - Multicoloured Pompom Towels

$202.50 $225.00
Set includes:
  • 1 x Pompom Hooded Baby Towel - Multicoloured
  • 1 x Pompom Hooded Adult Bath Towel - Multicoloured

Save $22.50 when purchasing as a bundle rather than as separate items!

2 x matching luxurious towels in a muted muticolour pattern with tones of deep red, navy, pale blue, soft pink, yellow and greys - made from rows of pom poms. This colourway is suited to both boys or girls, making it the perfect gender-neutral gift!

These towels are made the old fashioned, slow way in Turkey. Miss April Towels are hand loomed using traditional weaving methods by small groups of artisans.
They are extremely durable and eco-friendly, and will last you for years, with their softness and absorbency increasing with each wash.

The subtle style of these Turkish cotton towels lets your mini enjoy a towel as luxurious as yours, because why should your baby's towel look anything less than stunning hanging in your bathroom!

  • Made with Oeko-Tex® certified yarn.
  • Made from 100% Turkish cotton.
  • 85cmH x 77cmW (baby towel)
  • Weight: 445g (baby towel)
  • 190cmH x 90cmW (adult towel)
  • Weight: 940g (adult towel)
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