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Flannelette Baby Blanket - Woodlands


I love Bunny rugs!! So much so that I have kept a few from my own baby layette. Naturally, it was a given that the Bunny rug would be in Annabelle’s layette and be a part of at our Baby Collection at Banjo & Co Home. 

Our versatile, double thickness flannelette Bunny rug is a must have baby item. The gentle touch of the flannelette is soft and comforting against baby’s skin.

These are perfect as a snuggly blanket for pram walks, an extra layer of warmth on the play mat and for tucking around your little one in the car seat. They are made to be used and loved!

Made in Australia


  • Generously sizing - 110cm x 110cm


  • 100% cotton flannelette
  • Double thickness with top stitching

Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash, gentle cycle
  • Prefer line dry

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