How do i set up a gift registry with Bush Registry?

Click here to follow our steps to setting up your gift registry. Reach out to us via email if you have any questions.

When do you recommend setting up my registry and selecting my gifts?

We suggest having your registry set up by the time you send out your invitations so that you can share your Bush Registry details at the same time.

Does it cost anything to set up a gift registry with Bush Registry?

Setting up a gift registry with Bush Registry is completely free.

Can I cancel my registry once it has been set up?

In the event of a cancelled gift registry, the registrant must provide written confirmation to place the list on hold. Bush Registry at its discretion may deliver the gifts or refund the money to guests when authorised by the registrant who will be subject to return postage costs to each retailer and a 10% administrative charge on the value of the items purchased off Bush Registry at the time of cancellation.

Does it cost anything for my guests to purchase from Bush Registry?

When your guests purchase a gift from your registry, they'll be charged a handling and postage fee per order to have their gift included with your bulk registry delivery. The fee ranges from $5 to $15.95 per order depending on the delivery address and size/weight of gift (David Jones charge $15). Larger items that will be sent straight from the retailer may be more for postage.

Can I set up a wishing well with Bush Registry?

Yes. You can set up a contribution wishing well if you'd like to receive cash to put towards something instead of a gift. After your event, we transfer the funds to your bank account and deduct our flat fee (see below question). This gives you complete flexibility to buy the gift where and when you like.

What are the fees involved in setting up a wishing well with Bush Registry?

Setting up a cash contribution and wishing well with Bush Registry is free. Guests contributions will be transferred to your account minus payment provider fees. An additional $99 is only charged to the registrant if you have less than $2,500 purchased off your entire gift registry which is deducted when we transfer guest contributions to your account.

How does Bush Registry work for gift-givers?

After you've created your registry, you can share the Bush Registry URL with your guests (we recommend you include this on your invitations).

Your guests can easily access your registry by visiting and clicking on FIND A LIST and searching your name. They browse the gifts you have chosen and decide which they would like to contribute towards. 

Can I add and change gifts on my registry?

You can change the gifts in your registry that have not been purchased, right up until your registry closes (seven days after your event). We suggest that you keep an eye on your registry after you send out invitations, and keep adding gifts to ensure there are enough available. You might be surprised by your guests' generosity!

How long do registries remain available after the event date?

The event date is just a date to notify buyers regarding the event. Here, all the gift registries will remain as it is even after the expiration of the event date. Also, all the products available in someone’s registry will also remain in the registry.

Who pays for postage of the gifts?

Purchasers will pay for postage upon check-out (between $5-$12.95 unless the item is larger or heavier than most. If an item has a higher delivery fee, this is stated in the product description. Postage for most furniture items will need organised by the registrant by contacting the retailer directly (as stated in product description).