If the Buyer has expressed to return an item, you must inform Bush Registry by email within 14 days of receiving the Goods. Upon this, Bush Registry will contact the Seller and follow their return policy. Bush Registry will process any refunds or exchanges. Upon a refund requested, Bush Registry will refund the full amount to the Seller, if an exchange has been requested postage will be charged to the Buyer. 
For registry items that have been delivered may not be exchanged or returned unless damaged, faulty or incorrectly supplied by Bush Registry. Written notification of any damaged, incorrect or missing items must be provided within 14 days of delivery/collection. Any credit remaining on your list after delivery must be spent within 6 months. 



In the event of a cancelled gift registry, the customer must provide written confirmation to place the list on hold. Items already purchased will not be refunded and will be delivered to either the registrant or the customer. There is no refund for any setup costs of a contribution registry.

Gift Discontinuations

As many homeware items are season orientated, our partners are regularly changing their collections. You may find that gifts that you selected on your registry may no longer be available when a guest makes a purchase. This is no different to the major department stores, where changes to stock from discontinuations regularly occur. In this instance, you will be advised via email where replacements or alternatives will be offered or credit towards other gifts can be opted. Discontinued gifts cannot be redeemed as a cash refund.