Salubrious Living

Balmoral Basket


Handwoven baskets are a decorative, functional & simple way of keeping everyday essentials organised.

Lightweight & practical, these handcrafted baskets will add warmth and natural texture to your home.

The Balmoral Baskets are designed in Australia & made in Vietnam using natural seagrass. 


Small: 14cm H x 40cm W

Large: 16cm H x 44cm W

Wipe clean only.

NOTE: Handmade baskets always vary in size so the measurements are approximate. Due to the nature of handmade your basket may arrive a little out of shape. Lightly mist the creased sides and start to manipulate it into the desired shape. This may take a couple times to finally get it to the desired shape. Be sure to let it dry between mistings.

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