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Boot Lenni


Discover the boot that's perfect for your little one - Boot Lenni! With real leather for an ultra-soft feel, plus anti-slip rubber pads for sizes 2-5 and hard soles for sizes 6-12, you can rest assured your kid's feet stay safe and snug. Plus, the elastic and zip combo mean you'll have no trouble getting those chunky feet in and out of these shoes. So don't delay, take a chance on Boot Lenni and get your little one kickin' in style!



US Sizes: *cm refers to innersole length

Size 2 - 11cm - 0-6 months - Anti Slip Soft Sole

Size 3 - 11.8cm - 6-12 months - Anti Slip Soft Sole

Size 4 - 12.6cm - 12-18 months - Anti Slip Soft Sole

Size 5 - 13.4cm - 18-24 months - Anti Slip Soft Sole 

Size 6 - 15.2cm - Hard Sole

Size 8 - 16.9cm - Hard Sole

Size 10 - 18.6cm - Hard Sole

Size 12 - 19.3cm - Hard Sole

Designed in Kleinton, Australia.

Made in Shenzhen, China.


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