Cedar Cicada

Esperienze Red Wine Glass (box set 2)

D100mm H220mm 
The “Esperienze” collection is highly regarded amongst European Someliers, and has been used as the official wine tasting glass at prestigious wine events such as “VinItaly”.
The unique design of the Esperienze glass allows increased surface area to be in contact with the wine which enhances the process of oxygenation. This has revolutionised the wine world.  
The ripples at the bottom of the glass, which have become the 
distinctive feature, facilitate swirling, oxygenation and the consecutive phases in the wine-tasting process, this also allows the whole range of colour of the wine to be observed without having to tilt the glass.
The “Esperienze” collection is made of superior quality crystal glass known for its high transparency and high resistance to breakage. It is dishwasher safe (to 60°C).

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