Salubrious Living

Beige | Hand Loomed Turkish Throw Towel


Incredibly soft & lightweight, our hand-loomed throw towels are an extremely versatile piece. They can be used and enjoyed on so many occasions. A perfect light-weight throw, children’s blanket, beach towel, picnic blanket or bath towel.

Designed by Salubrious Living and ethically handmade by talented artisans in a small Turkish community.

Taking on a thoughtful approach to production, each piece is slowly woven by hand on old shuttle-looms, using true traditional craftsmanship. Made using organic premium cotton yarns with extra-long fibers. Using longer fiber cotton means fewer joins, which creates a stronger and more durable towel. Our team of artisans individually hand fringe each tassel and hand stitch our Salubrious Living labels on to each piece.

Beautifully crafted textiles completely made by hand that are designed to last.

Material: 100% Turkish Cotton.

Size: 100cm x 180cm

Care Instructions:

Warm gentle machine wash with a natural laundry detergent.

Do not use detergents with bleaching additives or fabric softener.

The more you wash them, the softer and more absorbent they become. 


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