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Paddle Grazing Board


These stunning Australian-made grazing boards are uniquely hand crafted from high quality timber and are made to last. 

Great for everyday use, entertaining with friends, or a beautiful display in your kitchen. Each board is made using locally sourced reclaimed Oregon (Douglas Fir). With the intention of being used as a cheese board, charcuterie board or grazing platter, all boards are finished with Australian made food safe wax. 

Measuring approx 50cm long 24cm wide & 3cm thick. Crafted by Ivy Alice Vintage.

Oregon is a softwood & the timber can mark easier than hardwood. Due to the nature of the timber the product may have small imperfections, small cracks or marks. All of which add to the character of each individual board. 

Please note: these are not recommended for everyday chopping and the cutting of raw meat. 

Care Instructions:

Each board is stripped back to raw before going through a few more processes and finished with Gilly's food safe wax. When serving a greasy food it is recommended to line with baking paper underneath. To clean simply wipe clean with a non abrasive cleaner DO NOT SUBMERGE UNDER WATER. I prefer the natural patina that occurs over time after use however if you wish you may lightly sand with a 120-240 grit sandpaper and refinish with food safe wax.

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