Salubrious Living

Organic Beach Towel ~ Capri


A new range of beautifully crafted Turkish towels. The design process combines simplicity, luxury and practicality with a purpose to create soft, long lasting and absorbent towels.

Taking on a thoughtful approach to production, each piece is slowly woven by hand on old shuttle-looms, using true traditional craftsmanship. Made using organic premium cotton yarns with extra-long fibers. Using longer fiber cotton means fewer joins, which creates a stronger and more durable towel.

We have collaborated with our team of artisans to bring you these beautifully made Turkish towels. They are perfect to use as a beach towel, sarong, or relaxing by the pool. 

Designed in Australia by Salubrious Living and ethically handmade in a small Turkish community.

Material: 100% Organic Turkish Cotton.

Size: 100cm x 180cm

Colours: White on White, Indigo or Sky Blue. 

Care Instructions:

Warm gentle machine wash with a natural laundry detergent. Do not use detergents with bleaching additives or fabric softener. The more you wash them, the softer and more absorbent they become. 

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