Jemmervale Designs

Round Stool


Our little Round Stool has been handcrafted out of Feature Grade Victorian Ash timber. Each piece is hand selected for is natural features such as gum vein lines, knots, fiddleback markings and colour variation. The design is simple, yet charming, and great attention to detail is given with the rounding over of the seat and legs. The joinery techniques used also make this stool very sturdy and appropriate to use as a stool, or as a little table.

Each piece from our Jemmervale Designs range is handcrafted by us in our heritage listed workshop in Regional Victoria. We design, hand select each piece of timber, lovingly craft, meticulously finish and thoughtfully package every item ourselves. As a small family run business we endeavour to provide excellent customer service so please contact us if you have any questions.

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